Downtown Montreal

| A bustling lifestyle in a central location.

Montreal’s main business district, Downtown Montreal offers a fast-paced lifestyle in an urban atmosphere. The neighborhood features a mix of new and historic buildings, corporate offices, shopping centers, restaurants, public squares, museums and three universities. There are a number of schools within close proximity of the Downtown core. Railway stations, bus stations and the Montreal Metro all make convenient transportation options for residents.


| An industrial history with a creative presence.

Located in the eastern end of Montreal in the borough of Ville-Marie, Sainte-Marie started out as an industrial hub and has grown into a creative and culturally interesting community. The area is home to the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation’s Montreal headquarters, beautiful basilicas, the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, the Canadian Centre for Architecture and other cultural attractions. Sainte-Marie is served by the Frontenac and Papineau stations of the Montreal Metro.

Old Montreal also known as The Old Port

| Historic and charismatic neighborhood in an urban setting.

One of the oldest urban areas in North America, Old Montreal is located in the borough of Ville-Marie. This historic and beautiful neighborhood features cobblestone streets, interesting architecture and structures that date to the 17th century. The area offers residents and travelers a variety of cafes, shops, museums and restaurants as well as the recreation and leisure time activities of the Old Port. Business professionals are drawn to the area due to the luxury condos and office buildings.

Quartier des Spectacles

| The culture and entertainment heart of Montreal.

Quartier des Spectacles is located in the heart of Montreal. This major entertainment district has concert halls, museums, art galleries, concerts and nightclubs. Major festivals such as the Montreal International Jazz Festival and the Just for Laughs Comedy Festival take place in this neighborhood. Quartier des Spectacles is within close proximity to universities, metro stations and shopping.


Old Montreal


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Before 196040{a83984e2ade12c3f4b16a0e45ae21030d4d65c86db813987ac44ab2448552ca7}
Between 1961 and 198031{a83984e2ade12c3f4b16a0e45ae21030d4d65c86db813987ac44ab2448552ca7}
Between 1981 and 199011{a83984e2ade12c3f4b16a0e45ae21030d4d65c86db813987ac44ab2448552ca7}
Between 1991 and 20006{a83984e2ade12c3f4b16a0e45ae21030d4d65c86db813987ac44ab2448552ca7}
Between 2001 and 20055{a83984e2ade12c3f4b16a0e45ae21030d4d65c86db813987ac44ab2448552ca7}
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Area size16.5 km2
Population81 990
Population density 6033 inhab./km2
Average age39 years old
The largest age group25 to 44 years old
Household size1 person: 55{a83984e2ade12c3f4b16a0e45ae21030d4d65c86db813987ac44ab2448552ca7}
2 persons: 31{a83984e2ade12c3f4b16a0e45ae21030d4d65c86db813987ac44ab2448552ca7}
3 persons: 8{a83984e2ade12c3f4b16a0e45ae21030d4d65c86db813987ac44ab2448552ca7}
4 persons: 5{a83984e2ade12c3f4b16a0e45ae21030d4d65c86db813987ac44ab2448552ca7}
5 persons or more : 1{a83984e2ade12c3f4b16a0e45ae21030d4d65c86db813987ac44ab2448552ca7}
Average household size1.7 persons
Spoken languagesFrench: 54{a83984e2ade12c3f4b16a0e45ae21030d4d65c86db813987ac44ab2448552ca7}
English: 27{a83984e2ade12c3f4b16a0e45ae21030d4d65c86db813987ac44ab2448552ca7}
Other: 19{a83984e2ade12c3f4b16a0e45ae21030d4d65c86db813987ac44ab2448552ca7}