| Vibrant and easily accessible.

Nouveau-Rosemont has a vibrant atmosphere combined with the practicality and ease of public transportation. Residents can easily access downtown, Olympic Park or the shops, nightclubs, cafes and history of the Plateau. Find baked goods, honey and locally grown produce at the famous Jean-Talon Market. The botanical gardens at Maisonneuve Park offer families, couples and professionals a place to escape and relax.


| A blossoming industrial yet modern neighborhood

Before it was transformed into the Angus project, this piece of land situated in Rosemont, was once home to railway equipment manufacturing yards and industrial lands. Today, this area has become dynamic and vibrant. Its location is optimal and appealing to young couples and professionals due to its sustainable developments and close proximity to downtown Montreal.

Creating many growing work opportunities, the Technopole Angus was born in 1992. This massive building groups altogether 66 enterprises that are divided in 22 smaller buildings and holds 3000 employees.

Over 68{a83984e2ade12c3f4b16a0e45ae21030d4d65c86db813987ac44ab2448552ca7} of these employees have either a college or university degree and the main area of focus are health, social services, professional, technical and scientifical services as well as retail.

This immense project is situated in Rosemont district, it is delimited by four main arteries; Rachel east street, Molson street, Mount-Royal street and André-Laurendeau street. This area is easily accessible by public transport.

Needless to say that this upcoming neighborhood is very appealing to many new entrepreneurs due to its public infrastructures, the size of the commercial spaces and the recent construction of the buildings.

Therefore, the Angus district will surely feel very welcoming to any young professional seeking a modern and affordable property within reasonable distance from downtown Montreal.


| An active lifestyle in an affordable neighborhood.

Located in the east end of Montreal, Rosemont is an affordable neighborhood with an active community atmosphere. Rosemont is within close proximity to Olympic Park and the Montreal Botanical Garden. The neighborhood offers its residents community gardens, parks, swimming pools and libraries. The area is home to longtime residents and newcomers seeking an active lifestyle. Residents can enjoy the bistros, restaurants, and shops on Promenade Masson. Rosemont is serviced by the Montreal Metro as well as several major highways.


| An active lifestyle in a family-friendly neighborhood.

Petite-Patrie is located to the east in Montreal. Because of the area’s large Italian community, the neighborhood is commonly referred to as Little Italy. Bicycle paths, parks, sports centers and the popular Jean-Talon food market are great ways to spend leisure time on weekends. Residents can also enjoy historic churches, a film festival, golf courses and shopping at Plaza Saint-Hubert. There are three metro stations within close proximity to Petite-Patrie.

Rosemont | Angus

La Petite-Patrie


2015469 291 $304 938 $
2014472 126 $304 731 $
2013457 582 $294 509 $
2012408 456 $299 435 $
2011399 937 $280 599 $
2010391 852 $264 631 $


Before 196060{a83984e2ade12c3f4b16a0e45ae21030d4d65c86db813987ac44ab2448552ca7}
Between 1961 and 198025{a83984e2ade12c3f4b16a0e45ae21030d4d65c86db813987ac44ab2448552ca7}
Between 1981 and 19907{a83984e2ade12c3f4b16a0e45ae21030d4d65c86db813987ac44ab2448552ca7}
Between 1991 and 20004{a83984e2ade12c3f4b16a0e45ae21030d4d65c86db813987ac44ab2448552ca7}
Between 2001 and 20052{a83984e2ade12c3f4b16a0e45ae21030d4d65c86db813987ac44ab2448552ca7}
Between 2006 and 20112{a83984e2ade12c3f4b16a0e45ae21030d4d65c86db813987ac44ab2448552ca7}



Area size14.4 km2
Population134 045
Population density 8454 inhab./km2
Average age40 years old
The largest age group25 to 44 years old
Household size1 person: 49{a83984e2ade12c3f4b16a0e45ae21030d4d65c86db813987ac44ab2448552ca7}
2 persons: 30{a83984e2ade12c3f4b16a0e45ae21030d4d65c86db813987ac44ab2448552ca7}
3 persons: 11{a83984e2ade12c3f4b16a0e45ae21030d4d65c86db813987ac44ab2448552ca7}
4 persons: 9{a83984e2ade12c3f4b16a0e45ae21030d4d65c86db813987ac44ab2448552ca7}
5 persons or more : 1{a83984e2ade12c3f4b16a0e45ae21030d4d65c86db813987ac44ab2448552ca7}
Average household size1.8 persons
Spoken languagesFrench: 83{a83984e2ade12c3f4b16a0e45ae21030d4d65c86db813987ac44ab2448552ca7}
English: 6{a83984e2ade12c3f4b16a0e45ae21030d4d65c86db813987ac44ab2448552ca7}
Other: 11{a83984e2ade12c3f4b16a0e45ae21030d4d65c86db813987ac44ab2448552ca7}