Mercier | Hochelaga-Maisonneuve

Stylish homes in a rapidly expanding neighborhood


Stylish homes in a rapidly expanding neighborhood.

Mercier-Est, also referred to as Tetreaultville, is located east of Montreal near the St. Lawrence River. This rapidly expanding neighborhood in the borough of Mercier-Hochelaga-Maisonneuve offers modern homes and stylish lofts and apartments. Expansion and development has given rise to accessibility for any size of family or household. The neighborhood is within close proximity to fine restaurants, Olympic Park, the Biodome and the Denise-Pelletier Theatre. Residents have easy access to more commercial areas than ever before as well as recreation and outdoor activities at the Bellerive Promenade Park.


A rapidly expanding neighborhood in a convenient location.

Both convenient and affordable, Mercier-Ouest is appealing to young couples and families. The neighborhood is situated along the Saint Lawrence River in the east end of Montreal. Residents have easy access to Olympic Park, shops and the Port of Montreal. In addition to business and industry, the Port of Montreal offers residents a gateway to recreation, tourism and passenger cruising. Autoroute 25 allows convenient access to Mercier-Est and other areas of the city.


Family-friendly neighborhood with great growth.

Hochelaga-Maisonneuve, known to residents as HoMa, is located at the eastern end of Montreal. It is home to shops, restaurants and a variety of attractions for families to enjoy. Residents are within close proximity to the Maisonneuve Market, the Olympic Stadium, the Saint Lawrence River, the Biodome and a botanical garden. The Biodome features five different ecosystems, and the Insectarium lets guests get up close to all types of insects. Hochelaga-Maisonneuve offers both French and English speaking schools.

Mercier | Hochelaga-Maisonneuve

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2015326 389 $231 879 $
2014344 911 $232 385 $
2013399 524 $227 135 $
2012315 297 $221 818 $
2011300 394 $216 938 $
2010278 176 $207 335 $


Before 196048%
Between 1961 and 198034%
Between 1981 and 19909%
Between 1991 and 20003%
Between 2001 and 20052%
Between 2006 and 20115%



Area size25.4 km2
Population131 483
Population density 5175 inhab./km2
Average age41 years old
The largest age group25 to 44 years old
Household size1 person: 45%
2 persons: 32%
3 persons: 12%
4 persons: 10%
5 persons or more : 1%
Average household size1.9 persons
Spoken languagesFrench: 85%
English: 5%
Other: 10%