Relaxed living with the convenience of the city


Relaxed living with the convenience of the city.

Part of the borough of Ahuntsic-Cartierville, Ahuntsic is located along the Riviere des Prairies waterfront in Montreal’s north end. Popular with families and retirees, Ahuntsic is a culturally active community that offers theaters, large parks, outdoor cafes, musical events and a network of bicycle paths. The Complexe Sportif Claude Robillard indoor sports complex is a great place for residents to exercise and take part in sports. Two colleges, College Ahuntsic and the College de Bois-de-Bologne, are located in Ahuntsic. The area is serviced by three stations of the Montreal Metro and three commuter rail stations.


Family-friendly neighborhood in a historic setting.

Bordeaux-Cartierville is located to the north in Montreal. It is the oldest and most historic neighborhood in Montreal. Residential homes mixed with apartments feature unique architectural styles. The Beaujour Park, the Prairies River and views of Montreal make this a scenic area for families. Plenty of parks, skate parks and arenas provide recreation opportunities for residents of Bordeaux-Cartierville.


 A variety of home options in a family-friendly area.

Located in the borough of Ahuntsic-Cartierville, Sault-au-Recollet sits at the eastern end of Montreal and backs up to the Riviere des Prairies. It offers a wide assortment of homes and apartments in the I’Ile de la Visitation Park, which is one of the most scenic spots in the city. The availability of restaurants and shops makes this the perfect neighborhood for families, retirees and business professionals.


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2015502 181 $241 698 $
2014466 466 $472 126 $
2013503 442 $472 126 $
2012476 780 $472 126 $
2011492 021 $472 126 $
2010410 526 $218 691 $


Before 196042%
Between 1961 and 198036%
Between 1981 and 199015%
Between 1991 and 20003%
Between 2001 and 20052%
Between 2006 and 20113%



Area size24 km2
Population126 891
Population density 5256 inhab./km2
Average age41 years old
The largest age group25 to 44 years old
Household size1 person: 41%
2 persons: 29%
3 persons: 14%
4 persons: 5%
5 persons or more : 2%
Average household size2.2 persons
Spoken languagesFrench: 64%
English: 10%
Other: 26%