To ensure your property maintains a good resale value, it is essential to keep it in good condition. Here are six tips for taking care of your home over time: 1. Repaint as needed Chipped or poorly applied paint can leave a bad impression on potential buyers. Repair and repaint regularly to maintain your home’s aesthetics. 2. Listen for unusual noises Your home provides clues about its condition. If you hear unusual noises, like pipes clanging or wind whistling through a window, it may be time to inspect and make repairs. 3. Inspect the building envelope Examine the roof, exterior walls, and foundation of your property at least once a year, especially after a harsh winter. Repair cracks, replace damaged shingles, and redo the sealing around doors and windows if necessary. 4. Look for cracks and mold Cracks in interior walls or mold stains can indicate structural issues. Consult an expert to ensure the structural integrity of your home. 5. Clean regularly Performing regular cleaning of your home prevents the buildup of dirt and dust that can tarnish surfaces and finishing materials. Remember to clean behind and under furniture, wooden moldings, and narrow spaces near windows and sliding doors. 6. Work little by little To avoid feeling overwhelmed by maintenance tasks, it’s best to tackle them gradually. Establish a to-do list to ensure you don’t forget anything and keep your home in good condition. By taking care of your home, you demonstrate to potential buyers that the current owners have maintained it with care, which helps maintain its market value.

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